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An Issue that Is Going Nowhere!:
Ways of Working – Why it will dominate again in 2023

Ways of Working is going nowhere. It remains one of the greatest opportunities and challenges facing today’s organizations. But it goes deeper – challenging economists as much as business leaders. Here we share the reasons why Ways of Working should be one of your key business priorities.

Disciplined Prioritization:
Ready to Ditch Half of Your Priorities?

Why Half of Your Priorities May NOT be Real Priorities! Imagine half of the priorities across your organization were not real priorities at all. That is […]

Disciplined Prioritization:
2022’s No.1 Skill Remains Essential in ’23

In 2022, ‘Disciplined Prioritization’ emerged as an essential part of the senior leader’s strategy toolkit. In 2022, it was key to managing scarce resources consolidation & efficiency drives & adapting to changing business & market needs.

Economic Uncecrtainty:
What Can You Learn from Big Tech’s Response to the Slowdown?

It has been a year of adjustment, consolidation and cutbacks for BIG tech. But, in dealing with market uncertainty and slowdown, can we learn anything from Big Tech’s troubles? Well, as it turns out quite a bit!

The Year in Data:
The Trends & Topics that Pre-occupied Leaders in 2022

From post-pandemic euphoria to economic doom and gloom, it’s been a year like few others!

We asked our data analysis team to pull out the numbers behind the trends of 2022.

Portfolio Mindset:
Great Leaders Have a ‘Portfolio Mindset’, What About You?

Managing projects – obviously that is essential, but it is not enough! Moreover, it is not necessary the job of a senior leader. Leaders are constantly thinking of their strategic portfolios – they have a ‘portfolio mindset’. But what about you?

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