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Performance Interrupted: The surprising impact of unmanaged interruptions at work

If your goal is to sustain peak performance (in the face of growing pressure) then managing unplanned and unwarranted interruptions is likely the greatest opportunity available to you.

Ways of Working: Applying ‘Triage’ principles to ensure the right way of working

The concept of a ‘Right Way of Working’ can seem abstract or idealistic.  Here we explore an approach to determine the optimal Way of Working based on the nature and requirements of the work to be done.

Are You a Super-Juggler or a Victim of Run-away Multi-tasking?

Are you a super-juggler – effortless juggling tasks, emails, meeting and projects? Or are you a victim of run-away multi-tasking? The answer and its implications will surprise you!

Clarifying Roles & Responsibilities

Clarifying roles and responsibilities is probably the one thing you could do that would have the greatest impact on the performance as well as the health of your team.  Moreover, it can also reduce the level of pressure on overworked executives and improve the effectiveness of collaboration.

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