Revealed: The Top 10 Leadership & Strategy Blind Spots
Why Your Organizations May Not be as Aligned As You Think!
Revealed: The Top 10 Leadership & Strategy Blind Spots
Why Your Organizations May Not be as Aligned As You Think!
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Have You Got Any ‘Watermelon Data’?

At Pitstop Analytics™ a key part of our ‘Mission is to Slice the Watermelon', But, what have watermelons got to do with business analytics?

Well, what we are talking about is: ‘Watermelon Data’. That is the type of misleading data that looks green on the outside (that is positive and re-affirming), but look more closely, and you will see that it is red on the inside (that is complex and challenging).

‘Watermelon Data' is rosy and optimistic, regardless of reality. It can be found everywhere – in ambitious strategies,  ‘hockey-stick’ forecasts, feel good project reviews and relentlessly positive staff engagement surveys.

‘Watermelon Data' can be inaccurate, misleading or just plain wrong.

  • It can derive from flawed analysis, wishful thinking or blind spots and bias.
  • It results in over-confidence or hubris and leaves people blind to hidden KSFs and Risks.

You can expect to see ‘Watermelon data':

  • In organizations that ‘only do good news'. 
  • Where risks, obstacles and setbacks are not openly discussed.
  • Where people tell their leaders what they want to hear (because it is not safe to do otherwise).
  • When strategy is divorced from execution and rigid adherence to plans or budgets, comes ahead of agility and flexibility.

The reality is that we are all drawn to watermelon data.

To explain why, Nobel Prize winning economists use terms, such as; optimism bias, confirmation bias, planning fallacy and so on.

These factors result in blind spots, causing leaders to deny their professional training, even their natural curiosity.

We have made it our mission to ‘slice the watermelon’ – that is to tackle ‘Watermelon Data' for business priorities and critical projects, as well as their stakeholders and teams.

To slice the watermelon, we generate 3 times the amount of data, plus 3 times the level of engagement.

Let’s explore the data first. Pitstop Analytics:

  • Analyses 3-5 more variables than other sources
  • Explores 3 or more perspectives (e.g. leader, stakeholder and team)
  • Is granular – on a project by project and team by team basis.

More data isn’t always the answer. It could result in information overload and analysis paralysis.

The pitstop process illuminates hidden KSFs and risks, enables conversations that are not being had and ensures people can say what they are really thinking.

Are you ready to slice the watermelon?  To engage with risks, obstacles and blind spots? 

Why not talk to us.


  • Leverages powerful big data modelling and visualization techniques to bring data to life and tells a story
  • Leverages cognitive reframing, systems thinking and mental modelling to tackle bias and spurs creative thinking.

Are you ready to slice the watermelon?

Watermelon DataPitstop Analytics
Rosy View Reality
SimplifiedEngages Complexity
Not SafeSafe

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