Got Any Strategic Blind Spots? Take the test.
Have You Got Any ‘Watermelon Data’?
Got Any Strategic Blind Spots? Take the test.
Have You Got Any ‘Watermelon Data’?
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Revealed: The Top 10 Leadership & Strategy Blind Spots

Every leader, strategy, project or team has blind spots. That is not a problem, unless you think that you have none. Illuminating blind spots offers the potential for transformation, change and innovation.

With this in mind, here are the top 10 leadership and strategy blind spots based on our research. The question is: Where will you start in your quest to illuminate blind spots?

Last year was about productivity & efficiency, against a backdrop of growing market uncertainty. The previous year was about engagement, against the background of remote working and concerns about quiet quitting.

We want to make this year about tackling blind spots. Especially the biggest blind spot of all: The belief that we don't have blind spots.

In reality, all leaders, strategies, projects & teams can have blind spots. Rather than being something to be ​ashamed of, they are the seeds of change, innovation and transformation.

Using our extensive data, we have identified the key blind spots to be tackled. The resulting blind spot inventory can be divided into two:

If this were the 1990s, we would be calling these ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ blind spots. But of course, the ‘soft’ stuff is often the hardest to manage. Besides, tackling both is essential!

Here are the top 5 strategy blind spots:

1. The First Mile
2. Project Myopia
3. Stakeholder Engagement
4. Priority & Portfolio Visibility
5. Niggling Doubt.

Let’s briefly explore the 2nd blind spot from the top 5.

Caught up in the daily busyness of a project, it is easy to lose touch with changing business needs and priorities. That is ‘project myopia’ and it is the No.1 reason why projects & initiatives struggle or fail.

Let’s explore another, this time taking number 5, Niggling Doubt.

Too many organizations only do ‘Good News'. They don't talk about risks, obstacles & dependencies. But, entertaining doubt & uncertainty is critical to successful execution.

Next, let's explore the leadership Top 5 Blind Spots :
1. Alignment
2. Getting Real
3. Ways of Working
4. Teams
5. Collaboration.

Let’s sample this list also, starting with the number 1 leadership blind spot – alignment.

Many leaders believe they're on the same page as their stakeholders and teams. That is often an illusion! So, even if you are tired communicating priorities or the strategy, you probably haven’t done enough.

Remember, there are blind spots in every organization, project and team.  They are natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

Let’s sample another, this time taking number 3, ways of working.

At a time when productivity & efficiency dominate, the No.1 source of productivity gain is being overlooked. Ways of Working means empowering teams to ensure that: The Right People are in the Right Roles, Doing the Right Work, Working together in the Right Way, With the Right Resources & The Right Rewards – all To achieve the Right Results.

You can explore all 10 blind spots in more detail from the links below.

This year, make it your mission to illuminate blind spots – yours, your colleagues and your organization’s. And if you need help in illuminating blind spots, talk to us.

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