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Want to move your team’s numbers? Here’s how:

Some may say that the present environment in many organizations is NOT ideal for enabling teams to thrive. That is because of the focus is on re-structuring, cost-cutting or efficiency, and little else! Also pressure on performance – with people being expected to do more with less. Paranoia about performance and the row about remote working probably don’t help either.

However, some teams are thriving despite all the noise and distraction in their environment. This is the inspirational story of one team that took control of its reality despite massive organizational change.

Here is how the team’s big numbers shifted over just three months with the assistance of pitstops:

Here are the headlines:

Up 13%: Confidence in Meeting Target.

By working together effectively, the team took action to boost confidence in meeting its ambitious targets.

Up 12%: Potential Being Unlocked by the Team.

As one team member explained: ‘Today we are spending a lot less time on low-value work and more time doing the work that really matters. That makes work more rewarding for everybody’.

Up 11%: Effectiveness of Internal Collaboration

As a team member explained, ‘We were spending so much time on ineffective internal meetings. Today, we are meeting less but meeting better. Moreover, when we meet we bring out the best in each other’.

Two of the team’s big numbers remained static – pressure & vitality. Thus giving the team something to work on in the future.

The message is: ‘Teams need to insulate themselves from distractions within the wider organization, focusing instead on themselves & what they need to do’.

As the team leader put it: ‘There were many things that this team cannot control and plenty of potential distractions’.

‘What we can control however is how we organize our work and how we interact with each other.

‘What our numbers show is just how powerful this can be’.

If you want to move your team’s numbers, why not talk to us.

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