Is Rising Internal Complexity a Risk to Your Ambitious Plans?
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Latest Research: Is this the most ambitious generation of leaders yet?

Growth, Performance and Transformation – these are the key topics emerging from our research with leaders. It is a fascinating insight to what may be the most ambitious generation of leaders yet.

Leaders have been sharing their perspectives on the present market uncertainty and their expectations for the future. The result is a surprising insight to the requirements of balancing today’s performance with tomorrow’s transformation.

Here you can explore the findings emerging.

Explore the surprising findings regarding growth outlook, ambition and appetite for risk.

Explore the findings under the headings of productivity, people and projects.

Explore leaders’ perspectives on transformation here.

Here are just some of the surprises emerging from our strategic conversations with leaders:

Explore the research under 3 headings:

Our research program for 2023 and 2024 centers on engaging a panel of 50-75 senior leaders in a process of strategic reflection and ongoing strategic conversations regarding performance and transformation.

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