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Data Reveals the Top 10 Opportunities & Challenges

Productivity and efficiency in the leader suite is still a hot topic for many leaders. But what is happening on the ground? We minded our workplace data to find out.

Many leaders are busier than ever before. But what is happening to productivity & efficiency? Well, the answer is a complex one.

With less time to plan or to think, busyness can drive inefficiency. However, it can also cause a re-think of ways of working. It is to the latter group that we turn for insight.

Many leaders use our apps to track their ways of working—to illuminate what’s working & what’s not around meetings, projects, etc.

This data provides valuable insight into the practical reality of leader performance and productivity. We mined it to identify the key trends regarding ways of working.

Here are the Top 10 Ways of Working opportunities and challenges based on this workplace data*:

  1. Ensuring all the right people & roles are in workshops & meetings
  2. Greater clarity around results/objectives in Meetings, Projects, etc.
  3. Greater focus & alignment on key priorities, with the necessary tradeoffs being made.
  4. More proactively managing internal stakeholders & their requirements.
  5. Online meetings – ensuring they are effective. Speaking up when they are not!
  6. Minimizing low-value work, making time for what is really important.
  7. Focus on continuous improvement & working smarter, not harder!
  8. The need for greater accountability & a more proactive approach.
  9. The need for improved communication & feedback.
  10. Improving collaboration across teams to fully leverage expertise & synergy.

Recognize any of these opportunities & challenges? If yes, talk to us.

We enable projects and teams to track and optimize ways of working.  At the center of this is an app that enables teams to quickly track 9 key dimensions of effectiveness whenever they come together to work and specifically when they collaborate on a priority, project, or initiative. 

*The Top 10 Ways of Working list was generated from anonymous data for up to 300 priorities or initiatives and the teams working on them during the first 6 months of 2023. AI was used to assimilate qualitative data in the form of reflections and insights regarding key implications or lessons learned in respect of ways of working (gathered via our app).

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