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Stakeholders: What is really bothering them at the moment?

What is bothering internal stakeholders at the moment? As a leader in stakeholder analytics, we mined our datasets for the answer.

We used AI to mine the requests of 100 senior internal stakeholders within big organizations over the past three months (more on the methodology below).  The result is an interesting list of what is on the minds of internal stakeholders at this time.

Based on internal stakeholder comments and requests, the main themes can be identified as follows:

1. Collaboration and teamwork

The need for the team to work together more effectively, collaborate across functions, and engage with each other. This theme emphasizes the importance of teamwork and cohesion within the group.

2. Proactivity and initiative

The desire for the team to be more proactive in driving outcomes, proposing ideas, and taking ownership of projects is a recurring theme in the comments. It reflects a need for self-motivation and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

3. Strategic focus and alignment

Stakeholders highlight the importance of aligning the team's actions with the organization's strategy and goals. This theme emphasizes the need for clear objectives, strategic planning, and ensuring that the team's efforts are directed towards meaningful outcomes.

4. Communication and transparency

Stakeholders point out the need for improved communication within the team, as well as with other stakeholders. This theme emphasizes the importance of clear and effective communication, sharing information, and keeping everyone informed.

5. Role clarity and responsibilities

Stakeholders need to define clear roles and responsibilities within the team. This theme highlights the importance of understanding individual roles and expectations to improve collaboration and efficiency.

6. Client focus and satisfaction

The importance of understanding client needs, delivering impactful results, and providing excellent service emerges here. This theme emphasizes the significance of client-centricity and delivering value to customers.

7. Continuous improvement and ambition

A recurring theme is the desire for the team to be more ambitious, strive for excellence, and continuously improve. This theme emphasizes the need for setting high goals, pushing boundaries, and seeking opportunities for growth and innovation.

8. Leadership and support

Stakeholders highlight the role of leadership in supporting the team, providing guidance, and empowering individuals. This theme emphasizes the need for strong leadership and supportive management to facilitate the team's success.

9. Adaptability and agility

Stakeholders mention the need to work in ambiguous and changing environments, emphasizing the importance of flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to navigate uncertainty.

10. Recognition and celebration

Stakeholders point to the importance of recognizing and celebrating achievements within the team. This theme highlights the significance of acknowledging and appreciating individual and collective contributions.

The Methodology

We capture a lot of data from internal stakeholders and are the conduit for their comments, insights and expectations. It is vital information in respect of business priorities or strategic initiatives and the teams running them. From this vantage point, we have a good understanding of the issues that are engaging stakeholders.

To illuminate the power of this stakeholder insight and help you engage your stakeholders, we pulled together the above analysis of senior internal stakeholders within large organizations over the past two quarters.

In the process of analysis, senior stakeholders share their ‘number one ask of a particular leader team’.  The answers can include a gripe, or a piece of advice or a recommendation for the team and its leader. Using AI, we mined these responses to generate the above Top 10 list.

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