All the Signs Point to the Need for A New Model of Work
Got any anxieties about running a successful leadership workshop?
All the Signs Point to the Need for A New Model of Work
Got any anxieties about running a successful leadership workshop?
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What are the goals for your leadership workshop?

In planning for your leadership workshop let's begin with the end in mind. That is, with your goals for workshop success.

To guide you, here is a list of the top 5 goals set for leadership workshops and away days.

No. 1: Take Stock

Caught up in the business of the day-to-day it is an opportunity to stand back and take stock, especially at a time of change and uncertainty.

It is an opportunity to review progress on the strategy or key strategic initiatives, celebrate what has been achieved, while also learning from setbacks and disappointments. This builds motivation and resilience.

No. 2: Ensure Alignment

  • Ensure clarity and alignment in respect of priorities, results and purpose.
  • Address strategic challenges incl. difficult choices, trade-offs and compromises, especially given the demands on resources.
  • Look to the future, connecting with a vision of success that balances the functional responsibilities of individual members, with the collective responsibilities of the leadership team.

No. 3: Improve Collaboration

Review and optimize ways of working and interacting within the leadership team, to improve the effectiveness of cross-functional collaboration and tackle internal obstacles to getting stuff done.

Address any underlying tensions that can naturally emerge within a leadership team.

No. 4: Build Team

  • Foster relationships and build trust between the members of the leadership team.
  • Build a more united front in addressing the key opportunities and challenges facing the business at this time of accelerating change.

No. 5: Energize and Renew

  • Equip the team to deal with a growing workload and increasing levels of pressure.
  • Create an environment where people bring out the best in each other.
  • Develop new skills or refine existing ones.

Which of the above leadership workshop goals are most important to you? Here is a quick recap:

  • 1: Take Stock
  • 2: Ensure Alignment
  • 3: Improve Collaboration
  • 4: Build Team
  • 5: Energize and Renew

Are you planning a leadership workshop?  If yes, why not talk to us.

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