What are the goals for your leadership workshop?
Ways of Working – Why it continues to steal the headlines
What are the goals for your leadership workshop?
Ways of Working – Why it continues to steal the headlines
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Got any anxieties about running a successful leadership workshop?

It is natural to experience some trepidation about bringing your leadership team together for an away-day or leadership workshop.

After all, there have been times when your leadership team has work-shopped successfully and other times when it has not.

In planning for the success of your leadership workshop, it can be helpful to address anxieties, risks and concerns up front. In that way, you can plan to prevent them.

Here is a list of some common concerns or anxieties ahead of a leadership workshop or away day. You can use the list to ‘bullet-proof' your leadership workshop or away-day.

  1. Time Commitment: People may be asking themselves questions such as: Where will we find the time? What will happen to the backlog (of emails, etc.) while we are away? Is now the right time (given we are so busy)?
  2. Relevance and Value: Will people be satisfied? Will it be relevant?  Will it have an impact?
  3. Participation and Engagement: Will everybody fully participate, or will a few people dominate? What will the level of energy and enthusiasm?
  4. Expectations and Outcomes: Will there be tangible outcomes?  Will there be follow-through on the actions? Will it generate even more work for me?
  5. Team Dynamics: How to manage any issues of personalities or politics? How to prevent people from talking over each other, etc.? What if levels of trust & respect are poor?
  6. Honesty and Openness: Will people say what they are really thinking?  Will they be open to new ideas and perspectives?
  7. Sensitive Topics: Are some conversations not being had? Are some topics off limits? How to ensure it is safe to address them?
  8. Skepticism: How to engage with skeptics? Those who may be thinking, ‘here we go again!’  
  9. Negativity: Could it turn ‘negative’, with people complaining about problems, rather than finding solutions?
  10. Staying High: How to avoid getting sidetracked and going off-topic? How to ensure we stay focused on the key issues?

Understanding and addressing these concerns helps to ensure your leadership workshop is a positive and productive experience for everybody.

Are you planning to bring your leadership team together? If yes, talk to us.

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