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Why Pitstop Ways of Working?

Ways of Working Great teams don’t just plan & review their work or the results of their work, but also the PROCESS by which their work gets done. That is how effectively they work together.

BUT, how do you know if ways of working are a priority for your team?

1 There is growing pressure to boost productivity & efficiency

2 Resource constraints – your team must do more with less

3 You are looking for greater focus & intensity on key priorities

4 Your organization is still grappling with hybrid working.

5 Some people are struggling to stay on top of a growing workload.

6 The level of pressure on people is high and getting higher still!

7 There are some concerns about engagement, even ‘Quiet Quitting’

8 You want to protect against losing any of your best talent

9 Stakeholder expectations of your team are increasing

10 There are demands for greater speed, agility & innovation.

11 More effective cross-functional collaboration is required.

12 You want to develop the health & resilience of the team

Which of the above matter most to you?

Here’s a quick recap:

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