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December 1, 2021
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December 12, 2021
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Bye bye Dilbert, hello new ways of working!

Ways of working is the latest management fad. But is it too much to hope that it would put an end to those Dilbert moments that we all experience at work?

For some it is everything that was ever put in a Dilbert cartoon – all conveniently labelled under one term – ways of working. It is those unthinking behaviors, lemming like routines that just don’t make sense.  For example:

  • Starting the week with 30 plus hours of conference calls already put in the diary
  • Predicating performance based on people working a 50 or 60 hour week
  • A culture where everything is urgent where priorities shift and change from week to week
  • Leaders letting weeks and months go by without effective one-to-one’s with key team members
  • It is about spending most of the week on internal collaboration that adds little or no value
  • It is about boundary disputes…
  • Environments where a few people do all the talking, while everybody else stays quiet
  • Environments where people fail to bring out the best in each other.


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