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Into the Pitlane

We are preparing for a pitstops (physical and virtual) weekend with leaders from across 11 different industries and wanted to share a thought we had based on virtual pitstops over the past week.

In a time of crisis, a leader who can be vulnerable may have the edge. A leader who proclaims ‘things are fine’ or even ‘things are great’, discourages self-doubt and as a result silences team members. They also miss out on opportunities for improvement.

We would even go as far as to say that ‘If you can’t admit to at least 3 opportunities for performance improvement within your team, right now, then take care’. As an example, here are 3 key opportunities emerging for our clients:

(1) Staying connected while operating across different markets, siloed-thinking can easily creep back in!

(2) Paying attention to what pushes us together and pull us apart as a team

(3) Tracking wins with our clients – reminding teams and ourselves of the little wins that do exist right now.

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