How to Maximize Performance Under Pressure?
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How to Maximize Performance Under Pressure?
Is your Project or Strategy ‘Business As Usual’?
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Pitstop Protocol: The Return of Physical Pit-stops

Ensuring safety & peace of mind during Covid-19 Re-opening

Our team has updated its pitstop protocol in line with a gradual return to work and the new norms of interaction in the era of Covid-19.

The health and ‘sense of safety' of all our clients is paramount.  So, too is meeting our broader obligations to contain the spread of the virus within society.  This is reflected in the protocol for physical pitstops. We will be updating this protocol as required / inline with public health guidelines.

The protocol is a set of standards that will be rigorously applied in all pitstop environments in respect of:

Social Distance & Pitstop Layout:

  • The layout of Pitstop venues / space will be configured in accordance with all social distancing requirements.
  • We have increased the minimum space requirement in pitstops from 1m2 per person to 2m2 per person.
  • Kits will be used by a max. of 3 people. 
  • Participants who may be susceptible or are wary of participation will be able to participate via a remote link. 

Sanitizing Activity, PPE Equipment & Pitstop Kits: 

  • Touch-free hand sanitisers dispenser stands will be placed at all entry points to the Pitstop and in all shared spaces and circulation areas.
  • Small hand sanitiser bottles and sanitising wipes will also be available in breakout rooms and dining areas.
  • Pitstop facilitators will use PPE shields when facilitating.
  • Pitstop materials will be provided sealed for each person. 
  • All materials will be destroyed (recycling) after the pitstop.
  • Face masks will be available where requested. Pitstops will operate in accordance with government guidelines on the wearing of face coverings indoors.
  • Each Pitstop room will be equipped with no-touch bins for hygienically disposing of waste.
  • Participants will complete a set of screening questions pre-entry to the pitstop – 24 hours before the Pitstop.  Sign-in will be required.  
  • Temperature checks will be available if requested.
  • Maximum group size is 9-14, with people working in threes subject to the above space requirements.
  • Participants will use their own personal tablets and mobile devices to minimize the amount of whiteboard/flip-chart interaction. Note: Participants will be expected to avoid leaving them down on communal surfaces or will need to clean the surface after the personal item is removed.
  • Outdoor venues for pitstops are available and only venues that are well-ventilated with high ceiling, low volumes of people and extra space will be used.
  • Protocols used by venues will be reviewed in conjunction with clients.
  • Outdoor activities will be integrated where possible.
  • Pitstop Participants will be responsible for cleaning personal items that have been brought into the Pitstop.

Health Advice and Supports:

  • If you have an underlying health condition, or are in a risk category, please contact your Manager to let them know before the Pitstop. We will then work with you to devise the best plan of action.
  • If you are experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms, please DO NOT come to the Pitstop. Take all necessary precautions and follow the guidance on the HSE website. If possible, please contact your Manager to inform them that you will not be coming to the Pitstop.


  • Pitstops will involve no more than 2 hours of physical proximity at one time.
  • The blending of online and off-line will continue.

Breaks and Refreshments:

  • The key to ensuring safety will be the provision of fresh individually wrapped food options for breakfast and refreshment breaks.
  • Seating areas will be pre-allocated and operated in accordance with social distancing requirements.

Please note: The pitstop protocol is constantly updated to reflect the latest guidance from authorities, together with any specific client requests. This protocol is valid from August 1st 2020.

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