Adding Agility without Chaos
The Importance of Team Vitality at this time
Adding Agility without Chaos
The Importance of Team Vitality at this time
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Performing Under Pressure? Take A Pitstop

Pitstops are a technique for sustained performance in dynamic high-pressure environments where effective mid-race adjustment is key. Inspired by the performance obsessed arena of F1, it is a technique that is being adopted by leaders who are concerned with speed and agility.

Here is a summary of the main points of the video – the 8 reasons why pitstops can are essential to the performance of critical projects and vital teams.

1. Pitstops maximize the chances of success

The adjustments made will enable the car to go faster on the next lap

2. Pitstops prevent crashing out (risk)

At 300 km/hr an exploding tire has serious consequences 

3. Pitstops are agile execution

The driver started out with the perfect plan but must be ready to adjust in an instant to changing track conditions.

4. Pitsops are powered by data

Driving a high speed there is a lot that the driver cannot see, they rely on data to guide them.

5. Pitstops are teamwork par excellence

The choreographed precision of the pit team sets the new standard for teamwork / collaboration, where a team of 20 will change all 4 tires in under 2 seconds!

6. Pitstops are fast (intensive)

Every 10 seconds in the pit lane gives competitors a 500+ meter advantage.

7. Pitstops reveal the team

What you see in the pitlane is a real indicator of the prospects of success as well as the culture of the team.

8. Pitstops require practice

Teams practice hundreds of pitstops ahead of every major race – nothing is left to chance.

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