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Pitstops: Towards A New Way of Working

We use the word ‘pitstop' as a catch-phrase to describe the steady shift within organizations to a new way of working – where:

Greater speed and innovation is required to keep pace with accelerating change, but the focus on agile execution challenges the fundamentals of planning & strategy.

Cross-functional collaboration is essential to delivering key projects successfully but challenges the way work has been organized for centuries.

More and more work is being done by teams (operating outside the traditional hierarchical), thereby changing the very shape of the organization.

Performance is more important than ever, yet traditional performance management is dying (see IncForbes and HBR). The old way of reviewing people and reviewing projects is going out of fashion.

Organizations must drive short term performance, But also invest in projects & strategies to shape the future. That includes the new processes, systems, products and business models of tomorrow.

Big data is driving more decisions, yet it is people that must drive change and that is where the greatest challenges remain

These changes are transforming how we work – how we perform, innovate, lead and measure. They demand greater speed and agility, greater engagement and collaboration too. in short they require a much more pitstop-like approach. Are you ready to pitstop?


‘…steady shift within organizations to a new way of working.'

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