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Could Talent be Your Most Under-utilized Asset?

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Data suggests that an organizations ‘most important asset ‘could also be its most under-utilized

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What is the most under-utilized asset in an organization?  Could it be the brand, premises, patents or equipment?  Surprisingly, it may not be!

What is the most under-utilized asset in an organization?

What is often called the organization’s ‘most important asset’ could actually be its under-utilized asset too!  That is it’s people! Want to test if this might be true for your organization?  Well ask your people the BIG Question:

'What % of your organization/team’s full potential is presently being exploited?

‘What % of your organization/team’s full potential is presently being exploited?  You can expect to hear answers between 40 and 80% with an average of around 61% (1).  

In other words, on average only 61% of the talent, ideas and skills of an organization’s people is actually being utilized.   That is significant under-utilization!

Of course, this is just a quick test. If you want a more scientific answer then our Pitstop Analytics™ algorithm can provide it – it is what we call Return on Talent Employed™.

Return on Talent Employed™ is a precise measure of talent utilization or indeed under-utilization. Inspired by the concept of Return on Capital Employed™ – the primary metric used by organizations to measure the return on other investments such as buildings and equipment. It is a new breed of KPi (called KPPi), specifically suited to a VUCA world of change and uncertainty.

A precise measure of talent utilization or indeed under-utilization

In a VUCA age that demands greater agility and innovation, the wholesale under-utilization of talent might actually be one of the greatest leadership issues of our time. In short, VUCA requires turning the dial on talent.

While the under-utilization of talent could be seen as a source of waste and inefficiency, it can also be seen as a major opportunity. After all, imagine what might be achieved if even additional 3, 5 or 15% of so much untapped performance potential were exploited.

Want to find out more? Contact us at: or read our latest research paper on Return on Talent Employed™.

Pitstop Analytics ™ leverages BIG data analytics, to measure, model and unlock the performance potential of ambitious business units, leaders and their teams. It is brought to you by Growth Pitstop™.

(1) That is the global average based on data published in the book Pitstop to Perform™, ASG Group Press, 2017.

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