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Pitstop Analytics measures the cost of poor collaboration

Pitstop Analytics measures the cost of poor collaboration

Pitstop Analytics™ measures the true cost of poor collaboration

You are probably attending too many internal meetings. But, how would you actually calculate the cost? We have the answer.

We have been calculating the Return on Collaboration™ for executive teams for some time and the data generated has really set change in motion for many of our clients.

Their managers felt the frustration of too many internal meetings, particularly ineffective ones, but had struggled to put a number on it or to build the case for change.

Pitstop Analytics™ solved that problem, providing them with a sometimes shocking analysis of the typical working week in their organization and how it was broken down in terms of individual work, good collaboration and poor collaboration.

Pitstop Analytics calculates the cost of time lost due to poor internal collaboration

For beta users we have been generating an even more detailed analysis of the financial cost of poor collaboration. Because this analysis has been really popular, we are now planning to roll it out to all customers.

The screenshot shown here is typical – the weekly bill for poor collaboration for a management team of 6. Now imagine that figure multiplied by 52 weeks in the year! That is a call to action!

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