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How Well Are You Adapting to the Growing Complexity of Your Industry?

Pitstop Analytics™ Adds New VUCA Analysis Functionality

What is around the bend?  That is a question we have been helping leaders to address by means of new VUCA analysis functionality within Pitstop Analytics™ (our performance analytics platform). In so doing we have been illuminating the requirements of sustaining long term success.

Not surprisingly the analysis has really captured attention, with a growing appreciation that an organization’s position on the VUCA scale has implications for the style of leadership, shape of the organization and the nature of its strategy. 

Most important of all, the VUCA level determines the basis of competition and in particular the need for innovation and agility.  In VUCA Markets straight-line acceleration will not be enough, you must be prepared for unexpected twists and turns. 

As Pitstop Analytics™ takes inspiration from the use of BIG data to drive performance in racing, there are cool F1™-themed graphics. The VUCA Analysis is based on research published in the Growth Pitstop™ book and takes inspiration from the requirements of competition in different forms of racing.

Compared to the more predictable oval circuit of NASCAR™, the track in F1™ has many complex twists and turns that push driver and car to the limit.  A key challenge is to maintain traction with the road while accelerating around gravity-defying corners.

Most industries are in a Nascar™ to F1™-like progression, in other words they are becoming more VUCA.  The higher your industry’s VUCA score the greater the demands on your organization or team and its strategy. 

Want to discover the VUCA Level for your organization and, more importantly, the implications for the sustained success of your organization, or team and its strategy? Contact us at:

Pitstop Analytics ™ leverages the latest science and psychology of performance, together with F1™-style BIG data, to measure, model and unlock the performance potential of ambitious business units, leaders and their teams.

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