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Great Leaders Work on 3 Areas, What about you?

At the Core of the Pitstop Approach is the Principle of 3

There is a key leadership principle, simple but utterly challenging.  It says that great leaders work on 3 areas: (1) themselves, (2) their teams and (3) their key projects / strategies.

Alas, our data says that most busy managers are only consistently working on 1 or 2 of these things. I have to admit, I struggle to work consistently on all 3 areas, what about you?

As we use principles from the performance-obsessed arena of F1™ to communicate research on performance, we call this the Driver, Team and Machine (DTM) Principle.  That is because no matter how great the driver is, they cannot win without a great car and the team required to maintain it. 

This key principle is at the core of our analytics (Pitstop Analytics™) as well as our workshops and programs to unlock the performance potential of leaders and their teams. Interested in finding out more? Please contact us at:

Pitstop Analytics ™ leverage the latest science and psychology of performance, together with F1™-style BIG data, to measure, model and unlock the performance potential of ambitious business units, leaders and their teams.

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