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The rise of the 4 day week!

The surprising reality of when work really stops being productive.

Data revealed by Pitstop Analytics

Aren’t 4 day weeks great? …if only there were more of them! Well, data shows that the effective working week for most people is indeed only 4 days, and often less than that!

Indeed, we can go as far as putting an exact time on when the working week becomes unproductive and that typically ranges from 10 am to 4pm every Thursday.

That is the time at which people might as well go home and spend time with their families or alternatively go shopping, golfing, or to the gym.

The primary reason the effective working week is just 4 days is the amount of time spend in internal meetings (as well as other forms of internal collaboration) that adds little or no value.

So, the 4 day effective week is already a reality! That 5th day spent at work neither benefits the employer or the employee. It does not add value and is more likely to frustrate than motivate. Without a 5th day you might even get more done!

Want to find out what the productive week really is for your organization or team and identify how it can be increased? Our analytics solution has the answer. Called Pitstop Analytics™ illuminates all aspects of people, performance and potential.

Pitstop Analytics™ pioneers the measurement of Return on Collaboration™ – that is how different forms of internal collaboration and teamwork impact (both positively and negatively) on business performance and innovation, as well as employee productivity and engagement, even well-being.

p.s. If you are reading this on a Friday the best part of your week is probably over!

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