Performance Losses
Growth Pitstop 2019 Hits Kindle!
Performance Losses
Growth Pitstop 2019 Hits Kindle!
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Re-Modelling Performance

Celebrating an important landmark date in the history of performance analytics.

We have been celebrating a special Birthday this week – the 5th anniversary of publication of the Pitstop performance model. As a new way of re-modelling individual performance and collective potential the model has gained many fans.

What appeals to people about the model? For some it is the detail – the almost 200 variables and algorithm.

For others it is the simplicity – the fact that it can be explained in less than a minute.

For more it is the fact that it is safe – it prevents personalities and politics getting in the way.

Added to these, there is the fact that ‘a picture paints a thousand words' – pretty much everybody loves the imagery.

For these reasons and more, Happy Birthday pitstop model.

SOLUTIONS & SERVICES: Here are some of the ways that our research & insights are put to work by our clients:

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