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Inspiration for Collective Performance
Re-Modelling Performance
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Performance Losses

Where will your team find its next 5%, 10% or 15%?

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I love the concept of Performance Losses.  Specifically I love the fact that you can quantify the performance potential of a org./ team and the factors ( called Performance losses) that are preventing that potential from being realized.  

The average team is capable of up to 39% more – that number is derived from research across 47 markets 12 industries.  Why does so much potential go unexploited (even in organizations that are hitting and exceeding their targets)?  Well, the answer is Performance Losses – some 200 factors that prevent individuals and teams from realizing their full potential.  

Why does so much potential go exploited? The answer is Performance Losses.

Where will you find the next 3%, 7% of 15% for you team? The answer is to be found in reviewing the Performance Losses of your team.

Our analytics solution scans organizations and teams for Performance Losses including situational and structural factors, such as culture, leadership, environment and strategy.  Also for issues of skills, attitudes and behaviors.  The objective is to enable leaders and their teams convert performance losses into quantifiable gains (typically 7-25%).  

SOLUTIONS & SERVICES: Here are some of the ways that our research & insights are put to work by our clients:

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