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How Successfully Are Your Managers Multiplying Talent?

I love the idea of ‘talent acceleration’ or ‘talent multiplier’ from Jay Conger and Allan Church.  Their message is specifically for high potentials – those who want to be ear-marketed for greatness within their organizations: ‘if you ‘fail to develop your reports’ potential, you will fail to develop your own’.

To perform you need others to perform – your success depends on how well you can develop the potential of the people that work with and for you. 

Multiplying Talent: How good are your managers at it:

The ability of leaders to multiply or accelerate talent – to bring out the best in their people and unlock their latent potential – is measured by Pitstop Analytics™.  Specifically, it measure the ratio of performance to potential (called the P2P Metric™ ) for leaders and their teams, identifying ways in which performance potential can be unlocked.

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