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Return on Collaboration: Why not finish this Thursday at 10am?

Imagine finishing your working week on a Thursday at 10.00 am every week.  Well you can – that is if you eliminate the waste of time meetings and other forms of internal collaboration that do not add value.  That is the stark message from our latest research and data gathered by our performance analytics solution called Pitstop Analytics™.


The time you spend on internal meetings has been rising steadily. So, you won’t be surprised that executives generally report spending an average of 70% of their time on internal collaboration. However, what will surprise you is data showing how much of this time is actually wasted.

In this short Whitepaper we will explore the real‐world Return on Collaboration™ based on data from 900 executives. We will calculate the cost of poor collaboration in terms of time and wages, but also in terms of energy and engagement. Finally, we will build the business case for tackling the issue of poor collaboration within your organization or team.


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