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Defining What Winning Means for Your Team

What is winning for you and your team in 2019? The end of one year and beginning of another is a great time for celebrating wins (and for making sense of losses too!). With this in mind here is a powerful (yet simple) exercise we do as part of your new management team workshop – it is called building the winning line.  Like much of what we do it takes inspiration from the racetrack – where winning is clearly defined and is easy for everybody to see – it is marked in black and white on the tarmac!

Here is how the exercise works: Each team member gets a black card and a white card to write or draw what winning means for (a) them personally and (b) for their team. Then people share and ultimately the perspectives are combined into one.

It is a powerful way to better understand what motivates everybody on a team and arriving at a shared more compelling definition of winning.  Want to explore making winning a part of your new year kick-off? Talk to us.



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