Performing Under Pressure: Myth or Reality?
Pitstop Analytics Masterclass
Performing Under Pressure: Myth or Reality?
Pitstop Analytics Masterclass
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What is the Key to Unlocking Your Org./Team’s Potential?

You believe in your people.  They have lots of potential and are capable of much more. But how to unlock that potential?  Whose job is it?  …oh and where to start?  These are just some of the questions that talent analytics (like our solution Pitstop Analytics™) can help leaders to answer. – see the short video below:


When it comes to unlocking the potential of organizations and teams, there are many questions to be answered:

1. How to unlock your organization/team's potential?  Will it be unlocked through more training, better hiring or greater leadership?  Will it require changes to culture or strategy, improved processes, reorganized structures or new technology? Perhaps all of these things and more?

2. Whose job is it to unlock your team's the performance potential?  Is it the responsibility of HR, Learning and Development or some other department or manager?  Perhaps it is your responsibility too?

3. Where to start?  Should you start by unlocking the potential of leaders or future leaders?  What about high performers or high potentials and how to identify them?  Should the focus be on the A-players or Rising Stars of your organization/team, or should potential be developed more widely?


It could be argued that fundamental (how, who, where) questions don’t hinder progress in other areas areas such as production, finance or technology.  But unlocking the performance potential of business units and teams is something new.  In this age of data-driven insight, questions about how to unlock potential can be scientifically answered.  That is the role of Pitstop Analytics™.


Find out more about Pitstop Analytics™ here.


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