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Energy & Engagement – Managing Your Team’s Most Precious Resource

Last week I found myself boarding a flight with my phone battery at 15% and my laptop nearly dead.  Panic!  My energy management sucked!  But then I am not alone… at least not according to the latest research.

We all know that energy matters – it is a scarce resource that we can do little without.  What we are only realizing is that as leaders and managers we have a responsibility not just for managing our own levels of energy, but that of the people around us.  Moreover, that what we do (how we think, behave, talk, etc.) can either charge or deplete the level of energy within our organizations and teams.

This will be my ‘Duracell’ week!  Encouraged by the work of Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz.I promise to contribute to the energy of those around me, in particular supporting those whose batteries may be a little depleted.

Levels of energy and engagement are measured by our performance analytics solution, called Pitstop Analytics™.  That includes the factors that deplete and restore them.

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