Effective Collaboration – the 2 Pizza Rule
Do You Know When Not to Collaborate?
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The Real Cost of Poor Collaboration

Imagine it is mid morning on Thursday. You have 3 choices:

(a) Go to another internal meeting

(b) Work on one of your key projects or priorities

(c) Go golfing!

You need to do (b), you would like to do (c), but chances are you are already on your way to yet another internal meeting (a). That is a pity, because the payback (what we call Return on Collaboration™) is likely to be poor.

The data says that leaders are spending on average 37% of their time on internal collaboration that adds little or no value. Apply that figure to the weekly calendar and it suggests that most of what happens after 10am on Thursday is wasted.

That is why this provocative screenshot from our performance analytics (called Pitstop Analytics™) is so powerful. …enjoy the golf!

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