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Pitstop Analytics – The BIG Question

At the core of Pitstop Analytics™ is a BIG question.  Find out about it in this 60 second video:


What makes Pitstop Analytics™ unique?  Well, there are many factors, but most important of all is the BIG question.  It is a question that great leader love to ask: ‘What % of your organization/team’s full potential is presently being exploited?’

For more than a decade we have asked the BIG question across 47 markets and 12 industries.  It has yielded lots of data and enabled us to develop a means of scientifically measuring performance potential.

The data gathered tells is that, on average organizations and teams are performing at just 61% of their full potential.  It also tells us why.  Crucially, our research on performance potential has resulted in an inventory of the real-world factors that influence performance potential – in total 200+ factors called performance losses or gains.

This inventory of performance losses and gains is key to how Pitstop Analytics™ helps leaders and their business units/teams to systematically unlock their performance potential moving it from the average of 61% to 75%, 83% and even higher.

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