Performance Potential: The 4 BIG Numbers
Growth Pistop celebrates 11 years of innovation
Growth Pitstop – Celebrating 11 Years of Innovation
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Talent Quotent – the BIG idea analyzed

There is no shortage of potential – that is a clear conclusion from a decade of our research. What is less certain is how effectively an organization or team will convert that potential into reality or results. This is what the P2P Metric™ measures.  It is very close to Rasmus Ankersen’s idea of Talent Quotient.  It is a very BIG idea indeed:
This ability to realize or un-lock potential within leaders and their teams is  something that is scientifically measured by our performance analytics – Pitstop Analytics™.

Rasmus Ankersen is passionate about potential and how it can be un-locked.  This is clear from his fascinating book ‘Gold Mine Effect: Crack the Secrets of High Performance’ (Icon Books, 2013).


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