David Coulthard’s Winning Formula
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David Coulthard’s Winning Formula

David Coulthard and Ray Collis of Growth Pitstop

David Coulthard launched his new book last evening in London (16 May 2018) and it is packed with ideas and insights for managers and their teams.

David Coulthard and Ray Collis of Growth Pitstop

Ray Collis of Growth Pitstop™ with David Coulthard at the book launch.   David speaks at conferences and events worldwide, together with F1™ insider and conference-favorite Mark Gallagher.  This is something that Growth Pitstop™ is now promoting to its client base of executives seeking peak performance.

For those who could not at the event, here are some of the topics discussed from David’s 15 years working for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull Racing:

  • Culture of Marginal gains
  • Hunger to succeed
  • Giving 100%
  • Absolute commitment
  • Aiming for number one
  • Don’t need fancy factories opened by the queen…  You need good people and you Need to empower them…
  • Open honest dialog
  • Commitment, Focus & Discipline
  • Responsibility culture versus blame culture
  • Oh and here is one last one:
  • If you are good enough you are old enough and if you are still good you are not too old

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