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Today Schumy got a new home!


We have just moved our head office in Dublin and with all of the boxes unpacked it is time to give our cardboard friend Schumy pride of place in our new home.

We have traveled with Schumacher, or to be more precise a life size cut-out of Schumacher to workshops (or what we call pitstops) with leaders and their teams, across dozens of countries for a decade.  He has been an invaluable prop in communicating the F1™ philosophy of performance, continuous improvement and teamwork.

Our last book ‘Pitstop to Perform™’ was dedicated to Micheal and his family, with these wise words on the inside cover:

My philosophy is never to think you have achieved it!

Always looking for the millimeters/seconds…

… find it on lap 50 of the third day!

Michael Schumacher*

*Michael Schumacher interviewed by Jonathan Noble in 2002 related in Daly, D. ‘Race to Win: How to Become a Complete Champion Driver,’ Motorbooks, 2008.

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