Pitstop to Perform™: A BIG Thankyou!
Ready for the BIG Question?
Pitstop to Perform™: A BIG Thankyou!
Ready for the BIG Question?
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The Race is On!

The 2018 F1™ got off to great start on Sun, Mar 25, in Melbourne and we are excited!

This is the first full racing season as a vegan for 4 times World Champion Lewis Hamilton. On the cars there are new types of tires and a new driver halo, but no more T-wins or Shark fins!  We are most excited about seeing a lot more pitstops in under 2 seconds – inspirational!

As you probably know we do pitstops with management teams, you may even have been in one of them.  The concept is just as in F1™, to come together as a team, identify problems and fix them fast.  The meta-model used is in these leader pitstops is also inspired by F1™, here is just one part of it:



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SOLUTIONS & SERVICES: Here are some of the ways that our research & insights are put to work by our clients:

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