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Don’t Rely on Personality Assessments Alone!

Almost one in 5 companies use personality tests(1). They provide useful data. But when it comes to the near 40% gap between performance and potential within most organizations and teams, the personality traits of individuals can only explain so much(2). Performance and potential go beyond personality alone.

To really understand and unlock the full potential of our people we need more data – data about the work that is to be done, and the context in which it takes place, that includes team, structure, culture, leadership and so on. Add such contextual / situational data on top of a better understanding of personality and styles and you have a richer more dynamic picture of performance and potential both individual and collective.

Describing the full context in order to measure, model and unlock performance potential is our mission and that is what we have build an algorithm to do on a large scale – it is called Pitstop Analytics.

Bottom line – whether you are ISFF. INFP, Blue, Red, or anything else we believe in your potential.

(1) How to Use Psychometric Testing in Hiring by Ben Dattner, HBR SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 (2) Ray Collis & John O Gorman, Pitstop to Perform™, ISBN 1907725083

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