Why Growth is the Ultimate Measure of a Leader
Growth: The Ultimate Question
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Do you feel the need for speed in your organization? If you are like most managers the answer is ‘YES’. That means you want your organization to go (and indeed grow) faster.

need for speed

Managers across 47 markets and 12 industries rate ‘the speed at which their organization is moving ahead’ at just 59%. That is the result across the 2,750 of managers who have completed the online Growth Pitstop™ assessment. You could interpret this another way: most managers see their organizations as driving at just 59 mph in a 100 mph zone. Those are certainly far of F1™ speeds!

just 59

There are countless articles and papers written about inertia and resistance to change, yet Growth Pitstop(TM) data points to an internal ‘need for speed’ in most organizations.  In reality it should come as no surprise that people want to belong to an organization or team that they feel is moving ahead, innovating and making progress.

The good news is: most managers see a lot of potential for growth and that is encouraging indeed.  They want their organization to go / grow faster.  Accelerating growth isn’t easy however, especially if that growth is to be sustained and profitable over time.

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