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GOING FASTER: New Inspiration

In the Growth Pitstop book we seek advice on accelerating growth from the ‘usual suspects’; business professors and writers (over 400 of them), as well as senior managers (some 2750 of them). But we also asked another group who is every bit, if not more; obsessed with speed; high speed racers and race team managers. They also talk about; performance, competition and talent, for example, but they come at it from a very different perspective. The language and stories they used to describe the requirements of winning on the racetrack turned out to be a powerful vehicle for communicating the requirements of winning in the marketplace.

Talking about going faster at the same time as growing faster resulted in better conversations, deeper insights and more creative solutions. In short the racing perspective emerged as a powerful metaphor to reframe the cross-functional requirements of business success, as well as a powerful means of communicating the latest research into organizational growth, leadership, change and strategy – execution.

Imagine racing legend Michael Schumacher sitting with strategy guru Michael Porter at one table and Harvard professor Frank Cespedes with F1™ luminary Frank Williams at another.  Elsewhere in the room author and ex-P&G CEO Alan Lafley is sitting with racing legend Alain Prost and stellar strategy consultant Chris Zook is talking to the Red Bull team’s Christian Horner.

Also in the room are Garry Hammel, Patrick Leincioni and Henry Mintzberg.  This book imagines the fascinating conversations that would result on topics such as; performance, innovation, teamwork, leadership and talent.  Most important of all; the drive to win!

This book reveals how leading figures in the world’s fastest sport share the same interests as the CEOs of the world’s fastest growing companies and the big names of the world’s most prestigious business schools. It brings the principles of winning in the world’s most demanding sport to competing in the world’s fastest changing markets drawing inspiration from:

  • The passion, discipline and skill of motor racing champions such as; Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton to name just a few.
  • The drive for excellence and innovation of leaders in the sport such as; Bernie Eccleston, Ron Dennis, Colin Chapman, Frank Williams, Mark Gallagher, Derek Daly and Eddie Jordan.

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