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Data-Driven Growth

F1™ has been a pioneer in the areas of Big Data, as well as ‘the internet of things’. Masses of data are generated from every part of the car while it is running. This data is analyzed at arrays of monitors to determine how the car can go faster. This is vital information for the pit team and is used to guide decisions about the timing of the pitstop, the selection of tires, as well as any other adjustments to be made. Relying on gut instinct won’t do.

The challenge for managers is to ensure that they have the same level of real time information and analysis to guide their decisions.  That is the type of analysis that will enable them to identify opportunities to accelerate growth.  To maximize the effectiveness of their pitstops managers can complete the Growth Pitstop™’s PGA (predictive growth analytics) online assessment measuring 248 performance related variables.

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