Accelerating Innovation for Growth
Surprising Ingredients of Growth: Cross Functional Collaboration
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Strategies for Accelerating Growth

F1™ is used as a metaphor for accelerating innovation, for recapturing agility and for a highly adaptive approach to strategy which is particularly suited to discontinuous change, such as the development of new products, entering new markets, or coping with accelerated change.

It is about the ability to take growth related opportunities, projects and priorities and to get them on the track.  Then to accelerate some, to pull others off the circuit depending on whether they can prove themselves by means of fast laps.  All the time learning what will work and what won’t and progressively getting better at identifying and backing winners.

Accelerating growth requires identifying and accelerating those new products, segments, strategies or projects capable of racing ahead of the rest of the organization so as to accelerate innovation and well as revenue.  It is an approach that requires that the organization accelerate learning and innovation and focus its scarce resources on those opportunities most capable of winning.  This is the essence of a dynamic approach to growth strategy.

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