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The Psychology of Growth

There is a psychology to growth.  That is to say what goes on in the heads of mangers and their teams really matters.   For this reason, the Growth Pitstop™ employs the latest insights into how people engage with complex issues, how people learn and the process of changing attitudes and behaviors.

To enable managers to find more effective solutions to today’s increasingly complex business problems, the Growth Pitstop™ leverages a range of powerful techniques, including:

  • Change Modelling – a six-step change model based on the latest research into the requirements of successful and sustained change.
  • Cognitive Re-framing – to enable people to engage with the subject of growth performance in a way that is free of personalities and politics.
  • Mental Modelling – it engages with and indeed challenges traditional modes of thinking; that is people’s dominant mental models when it comes to business development, strategy and growth.
  • Systems Thinking – helping managers to see inter-relationships and linkages that may have been previously overlooked.
  • Results-Based Learning – engaging individuals and teams in solving their own problems as a means of accelerating learning and building engagement / commitment.

As far as we are aware the Growth Pitstop® is the first model that blends these techniques together.

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