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The Power of Focused Ambition

High-performing management teams demonstrate 2 important qualities.  

One of those qualities is perhaps more common than the other.  For example ask most managers if they are ambitious and they will loudly say ‘yes’.  Quite simply it is a trait that managers are expected to have and are eager to demonstrate.  Can the same be said of you?Over the years we have found that ambition isn’t really the key differentiating factor when it comes to growth.  In particular what people say is their ambition does not always match with either people’s real motivations, or their actions and behaviors.

Wanting to; grow, succeed or win is not enough of itself.  Desire wrapped up in a vision or mission is not enough either. Increasingly we see that it is when ambition is combined with focus that the performance gap can be explained between organizations.


Ambition combined with focus has the potential to accelerate the performance and potential of almost any organization.  It is key to growth.  We call it Focused Ambition.


Focused ambition is the high-octane fuel that combines a compelling desire to win with the discipline to do what needs to be done to win.  It is a sustainable focus that can withstand distractions, commit resources and endure short term set-backs or sacrifices until success is realized.

One of the things that immediately strikes somebody who looks at a F1(TM) racing car is its very pointed shape.  That makes it a great metaphor for focused ambition.  We often say that it would take a lot of panel beating or banging to turn an ordinary car with its wide hood or bonnet into the super sleek pointed shape of a super-fast racing car – just as it requires a lot from business leaders to focus the talents and resources of their organizations on a clear definition of winning.  However, this focus is key to success, especially in turbulent times.

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