Leveraging Science & Psychology To Accelerate Growth
Leveraging Science & Psychology To Accelerate Growth
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Understanding the Power of the Growth Pitstop Model & Metaphor

The Growth Pitstop process is designed not just to engage with the growth strategy of an organization, but with the growth mindset that underpins it.  More specifically it enables managers and teams to explore and reveal the underlying attitudes and behaviors that can accelerate or hinder growth.  To do this it leverages powerful principles and techniques from the field of cognitive psychology, specifically the following:

Let's examine each of these principles or techniques in turn.

1. Cognitive Re-framing…

Seeing the issues of business growth and performance differently is key to making real progress – to breaking from the past, exploring new avenues and exploiting new potential.   Until you change how people see or think about something, then very little else will change.  That is the principle behind what is called ‘cognitive re-framing'.

Cognitive re-framing suggest that if you can change how people see things then you can affect change on the most fundamental level.   That is the power of the Growth PitStop™ re-framing.

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2. Systems Thinking…

Business performance or potential is too complex to be reduced to one or two isolated factors.  Yet this is what happens in conversations and planning meetings/workshops every day.

Our innate tendency as human beings, to simplify things, is at the root of this problem.  The antidote is what is called ‘Systems Thinking’ – an approach approach adopted within the pitstop approach aimed at enabling managers to identify more sophisticated and ultimately more successful solutions to the challenges of accelerating and sustaining growth.

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3. Updating Mental Models…

What is reality, but what we think it is.  Put another way it is our mental models that shape the way that we see the world.  They shape our attitudes & behaviors.  But they may be right or wrong.  We may or may not be seeing the true or full picture.

The Growth PitStop™ has been designed to drive sustainable change.  It does this by engaging and challenging the attitudes and beliefs that shape the behaviors and strategies of managers and their teams.  It works to change the dominant mental models relating to performance and growth within your business to reflect your organization's growth needs / aspirations.

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4. The Internal Narrative…

We are our narratives” has become a popular slogan.  Those “Narratives” are the stories we tell our selves – the interpretation we put on events, the means by which we make sense of reality.

So what is your organization or team narrative regarding growth?  Is it positive or negative?  Is it accurate?   More over is it helpful?  Research highlights the importance of our internal narrative in shaping our actions.  More importantly it suggests that changing the narrative is key to changing behavior.

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