What Separates the Fast from the Slow?
Understanding the Power of the Growth Pitstop Model & Metaphor
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Leveraging Science & Psychology To Accelerate Growth

The Growth Pitstop™ engages both science and psychology to help teams accelerate growth.  This combined approach gives the pitstop its power (as well as its uniqueness).

The science tends to steal the headlines and there is a lot of it in The Growth Pitstop™.   It includes a powerful assessment, a complex algorithm, bench-marking data across 47 markets and more besides.  

However the Growth Pitstop™ recognizes that science alone is not enough – that growth is as much about a mindset as a strategy.

When people hear the word psychology the reaction is often ‘here come the men in white coats’ or ‘they are out to manipulate me’.  Those fears are understandable, but the objective of the pitstop approach is to encourage teams to discuss and explore attitudes and expectations, at the same time as they analyse the numbers and the strategy.

The Growth Pitstop explores the growth mindset of an organization, or team.  That is attitudes, expectations and behaviors regarding performance and potential  It engages with how people see, think and talk about performance. That is at the most fundamental level.

The result of combing analysis/science with exploration/psychology is a much sought-after one – that is break-through thinking.

In other words pitstops result in new; awareness, dialogue and innovation.  This is not accident – it is built in to the design of the pitstop process at all levels.

These are the ingredients not only of winning strategies, but of effective change.  Here are links to find out more about how the pitstop generates these 3 vital ingredients of success:

  • New Insights & Awareness
  • Dialogue & Engagement
  • Ideas & Innovation

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