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Leveraging Science & Psychology To Accelerate Growth
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What Separates the Fast from the Slow?

Understanding what separates the fast from the slow is the foundational knowledge that equips managers to accelerate the growth of their own organizations, business units and teams.
Thankfully, there has been a lot of research done on the subject of what distinguishes the fast from the slow.   It is presented in books, research studies, white papers and conference presentations in areas as diverse as strategy, leadership, and marketing and so on.  The research amounts to countless thousands of pages – the desk research behind this book alone is calculated at approx. 1.05 million pages!
However much of the research into the requirements for growth does not make for easy reading.  There is lots of text, quite a few statistics and some academic citations too.  There are the occasional graphs, or visuals to break up the text, but it is often hard going.  What is more the moment you put the book down, much of what you have read has been forgotten. We don’t want that to happen with the insights in this book.  It won’t because we will use a powerful visual metaphor that is intuitive and easy to remember. This will imprint them on your mind making them both easier for you to remember, as well as to communicate with your colleagues.

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