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The Challenge of Focusing Cross-Functional Management Teams
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A Metaphor for Focus

Look at the F1 racing car.  Shaped like a rocket it is a visual metaphor for the level of focus that is needed from high performance organizations, teams and leaders.

F1 cars are sleek and aerodynamic.  They are designed to cut through the air with a minimum of resistance.  The F1 car is the very essence of focus.  

Wheels, engine, driver and controls – these are all focused in a single direction behind the nose cone of the car. Simply point the car where you want to go (i.e. towards the finish line) and that is where the car is focused.

Focus is an important ingredient of success.  That is because ‘there is no point racing if you are on the wrong track’.

Focus isn’t easy.  A F1 car that has problems with precision or focus might look something like this:

Imagine the reaction this ‘focus anywhere and everywhere’ would get from competitors and spectators.  They won’t expect this car and team to win!  It is likely to be pulled in many directions, just as can happen to any organisation,  team or manager.  

Although cars come from the factory with perfect alignment, perfect focus is not a given.  Teams regularly adjust the focus and alignment of their car by replacing the nose cone.  It can easily get damaged in the heat of the race!

In F1 the car nose is designed to clip on and clip off, so that it can be handled speedily in the pit. No specialized tools are required.  Managers, drivers and their teams should check their focus as they pull into and out of the pit lane.



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