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SLOW Strategy – What is Slowing You Down?

A SLOW strategy is slow to; develop,  implement, adapt and ultimately succeed.   Yet they are in the majority.  Here we spell out what a SLOW strategy involves.

The acronym ‘SLOW’ is a useful checklist – use it to gauge the effectiveness of your strategy.

The ‘S’ in ‘SLOW’ stands for status quo – that is because it is all to easy to stay stuck  in the past – tied to an outdated formula for success.   It also stands for senior management – that is the select few senior managers who create the strategy and a key reason why strategies fail to get implemented.  It also stands for a number of other serious shortcomings:


The ‘L’ in ‘SLOW’ stands for lots of talk and little action – a common hallmark of a poor strategy.   It also stands for linear, logical or left brained – a key reason why many strategies lack sufficient innovation or imagination.


The ‘O’ in ‘SLOW’ stands for obstacles to implementation and its root cause – that is limited ownership.



The ‘W’ in ‘SLOW’ goes to the heart of the problem with many strategies – they don’t get work or are weak on implementation.




Here is a one-page summary of what SLOW means:


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