Managers With ‘GO FASTER!’ Stripes
The Business of Winning
Managers With ‘GO FASTER!’ Stripes
The Business of Winning
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Pulling Your Growth Strategy Into The Pit Lane

It is mid-race. Your team has a limited amount of time. They are the pit crew. Your company's growth strategy is the racing car. How are they going to get it across the line? ….to make it go faster?

Imagine your business team working with the focus, discipline and speed of a Formula One pit crew – all focused on maximizing performance potential and winning the race.  Watch this video and you will see what that might look like.

This video explains why the Formula One Pit Crew is the highest standard of team performance – in the business world as well as in the sports arena.

‘Imagine what your team could achieve if it worked with the focus, discipline and speed of a pit crew'.

Pit stops keep both the car and its driver in the race and performing at their best. Moreover, with fewer chances to overtake, faster pitstops are a sure way of getting ahead. High performing pit crews demonstrate:

– A clear goal shared by all- to make the car (and the driver) go faster
– High levels of trust
– Precision – everybody knows what they have to do and their roles compliment each others position
– They are proud and passionate about what they do (and why it matters)
– They practice continually and hone their expertise
– They strive for excellence
– They are aware of the dangers but are not paralyzed by them
– Team members compete against each, but everybody has the same ultimate goal and nobody wants to let the team down.

The people who work in the pit lane are not just lowly mechanics. Rather Pit Teams are made up of those senior Formula One team managers responsible for design and engineering departments employing dozens of people and spending millions of dollars. The pitstop is a way for these managers to directly experience the impact of their decisions on winning the race – something that can't be done sitting behind an office desk.

‘Is your team focused on the shared goal of winning… is everybody working to make the business grow faster?'

The Strategy Pitstop™ brings managers from different functions together in a speedy and focused manner to make the car (i.e. the business) go faster.  It applies pit crew principles to accelerate business and team performance.

Here are the words most commonly used by people to describe the pitstop experience and in particular how they were feeling after leaving the metaphoric pitlane within their company.

words used

Here Danica Patrick (one of the world's most successful open wheel women racers) take a light hearted view of the F1 pitstop.

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