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The Secret To The Pitstop’s Success – A 6 Step Change Model

Changes in structure, process or strategy also require changes in people’s attitudes and behaviors.  But, change isn’t easy!  Hence, the 6 step approach adopted by The Growth Pitstop™.

Despite investments in training, systems and process managers are often frustrated by patchy adoption rates among their teams.  The reality is that changing behavior is trickier than changing a  system or process.

The Growth Pitstop™ integrates the latest research into a 6 step change model to ensure the success of your project, strategy or initiative.  It is based on the latest research into the requirements of successful and sustained change.

The objectives is to de-risks your project or initiative and maximize the chances  of success  (I.e. sustained change).  This underpins the ability to deliver 7-25% – that is the typical results from The Growth Pitstop™

About The Model

It is a model of engagement, as well a model of commitment and change.  It describes the engagement among all stakeholders within the organization.  It is a cognitive and psychological process – there is a movement in terms of attitudes and behaviors between stages.

The model has been designed with independent-minded executives and ‘Type A’ personalities in mind. It is also designed to counter-balance the ‘Just do it’ culture with pressure on targets.  It is important that managers recognize that they cannot skip a step.

The model is based onAction Learning, Coaching Models (such as GROW and FACT), Change Models (e.g. Immunity to Change and Hidden Agenda) and O.D. (e.g. Organizational Health).  It is brought to life by a set of 14 guiding principles (that you can discover by clicking here).

If you would like to explore the detail behind each of the 6 steps in the Growth Pitstop™ change model please contact us.

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