Pitstop Research & Science

A systematic meta-model & process based on 10 years research across 12 industries & 47 markets.

Ground-breaking Research

Ten Year Global Research Program

Here is a visual overview of the pitstop research.

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Research Scope

Global Research Programme

The pitstop meta-model and process has been built with more than 900 teams in some of the world’s biggest organizations.

The research spans 47 markets and 12 industries incl: IT, Financial Services, Professional Services, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Executive Education & Training, Retail and Distribution.

Find details of the methodology and sample composition here.

Research Perspectives

Multi-Domain View

Performance is complex and no one discipline has all the answers. A multi-domain perspective is key to the robustness of the pitstop meta-model and process.

To complete the performance jig-saw the pitstop leverages the latest insights from the fields of social psychology and behavioral psychology, as well as organizational design, group dynamics, strategy and execution..

World 1st

Performance Meta-Model

Growth Pitstop pioneers the use of a meta-model - a unique combination of Metaphor & Model - to communicate the latest science, with power and simplicity.

It is the first to integrate dynamics and and team design with strategy and execution. It is also the first to focus on performance losses and a means of transforming them into measurable gains.

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The Performance Mindset

This PitStop addresses the emotional and psychological aspects of performance, linking a change in behavior to results.

Pitstops leverages the latest insights from the fields of social psychology and behavioral economics, incl: Growth Mindset, Psychological Safety and Psychological Well-being.

Published Research

Pitstop Research Series of Books

The pitstop research is presented across a series of 6 acclaimed books (details below).

More precisely described as toolkits, these books are packed with insights and tools.

Explore the titles and download sample chapters here.