Pitlane Model of Engagement & Change

Engagement is Vital

Engagement is a vital ingredient in the process of change.  Yet, in the rush to ‘make things happen’ it often gets neglected.  The result is too many false-starts and failed initiatives.

Pitstop programs are based on a six-step group engagement model designed to spread ownership and accountability for change.  The key steps in the ‘Pitlane Model’ are: Status Quo, Awareness, Dialog, Focus, Mobilize, Act and Sustain.

Group Change

There are many models that help to explain why it can be difficult for an individual to change.  But what about change that is required of a group, a team or an entire organization?

The pitstop model embraces the complexity of change through the lens of social psychology.   It provides a framework for engaging widely in the process of generating and sustaining change.


The Pitlane Engage-Change Model is examined in Growth Pitstop Book.
For an overview of the model (taken from that book) click here.