What % of the full potential of your leaders & managers is being exploited?

This is a BIG question because it is the performance of your organization’s leaders & managers that matters most.

Research Shows:

You need great drivers to win – Just as in F1™.

They require extraordinary discipline, stamina and skill.

Most important of all they need a burning desire to win.

But that is not all…

Research Shows:

The driver is one third of the equation

In addition to a great driver,
you also need a fast machine. Moreover, keeping the machine in the race requires a great pit team.

This combination of driver, team and machine is the same in business.

Leveraging insights from the performance-obsessed arena of F1™ to bring to life the latest research from; social psychology, behavioral economics, organizational design and business leadership.

Pitstop programs engage & energize leaders in the realization of quantifiable performance gains. Combines workshops, group & individual coaching with performance analytics, insights & tools.

Speedily pinpoints performance gains & losses using predictive performance analytics, algorithms & visualization tools. Benchmarks your organization / team across 200+ performance-related variables.

A systematic model & process to transform performance losses into gains of up to 25%.
Inspired by the F1™ pitstop and developed in use with 400 teams from the world’s most successful companies.